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About This Farm Seeker

We have been farming commercially in Maine for the last ten years on leased land, and are now ready to purchase our own land. We are looking for the following:

  • 25+ acres of good agricultural soils, either open or forested.
  • Additional land to build all of the following that are not already present on the property: two ~2,000-2,500ft sq agricultural buildings, 19,000ft sq of high tunnels, and ~3,000ft sq home
  • Willing to consider raw land (cleared or forested) or land with structures (house, agricultural structures, etc)
  • Existing high volume irrigation water source or ability to site 1 acre irrigation pond 
  • Land does not need to be organically managed as we are willing to transition it

We grow 5-10 acres of MOFGA-certified organic produce every year, which we wholesale year-round to accounts in New England. We are financially prepared and eager to purchase our own land. We have a robust business plan and we have prequalified financing to purchase the land and infrastructure we need. While we are poised to grow the business, we could pay the mortgage without any growth. Owning farmland will allow us to expand our farm business to satisfy unmet demand from established customers, take on new customers, enhance our soil stewardship practices, and provide permanent housing for ourselves.

Desired Acreage

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Farmer Experience

Land-Use Options

  • Lease to own
  • Purchase/sell

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  • Crops