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About This Farm Seeker

This is my second year working for Harvest Tide Organics on Pork Point Rd in Bowdoinham, and my 9th year farming. I am ideally looking to buy a house in or near Bowdoinham with access to, or including in the sale, about 2 acres of land. Access to water and willingness to allow for small or large greenhouses to be used are essential. I’d like to start a business within the next couple of years growing organic greens, microgreens,  herbs, and seedlings wholesale to small grocery stores/co-ops or  to other farms with existing CSAs who I can sell specialty crops to that they aren’t already growing or at the times of year when they are difficult to grow. 

Desired Acreage

Total Acreage


Acres Tillable


Farmer Experience

Land-Use Options

  • Rent/lease
  • Lease to own
  • Purchase/sell

Infrastructure Needed

  • Access road
  • Water

Operation Type

  • Crops