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fallow/ pasture

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Additional Information

We are a farm already.  We own more land than we need for our cropping.  We are an organic vegetable farm, with some fruit.  2021 is our 13th season.  We have buildings and equipment, and could potentially lend or rent that to a person renting our land.  The land available was cropped by us, as recently as 2019 and 2020.

We would need to really get along with whoever used the land, since we are already an active farm, and a large family. Another farm would have to be a positive impact on our farm, and our lives, for us to be willing to extend ourselves like this.

We would prefer a "no-till" farm.  We are a no till farm.  Although, there is enough land for an animal enterprise.

A total of up to 10 acres is available in a patchwork of  field sizes throughout the farm. There is also 2 acres available next door for lease as well and can provide an introduction to the owner of that acreage. 

We have a small rustic house that could serve as starter housing.

A potential lessee would need to establish an access road into the fields. 

Interested parties should email the landowner directly.