The Basic Idea

This site makes it possible for farm seekers and farmland owners to create FREE, in-depth profiles that provide information about the farmland they are seeking or have to offer in Bowdoinham. Users can then search profiles and filter the results to find prospective matches. This may include properties for sale versus lease, crops or livestock farmers, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Farmers and landowners who have created profiles have access to all of the information from everyone else's profiles on the site and the ability to contact each other. If you haven't created your own profile posting, then you can see only SOME of the basic info from all profiles, and you won't be able to contact anyone. So to get the full value of this site, jump in and create your profile!

How do I see profile postings?

You can see basic profile information on the site even without creating your own profile. Just click on “Find Farmland” or “Find a Farmer” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can look at a list of farmer profiles and a map-linked group of farmland profiles. You can then narrow down the list by specifying certain criteria (like the amount of farmable acreage) that you are looking for.

To see the contact information and more in-depth descriptions that the farmers and farmland owners wrote up, you will need to have your own profile published on the website. 

How do I create a profile posting?

1. GET TO THE RIGHT PLACE: Navigate to the top right of the webpage. There you’ll see either “Create Profile” if you haven’t signed up yet or “My Profile” if you’ve already signed-in and created a profile.

2. FILLING OUT INFORMATION: There are two sections of information that you need to fill out as part of the profile posting process. The first section creates your user account and is more focused on general information. The second section is more focused on your farmer or farmland profile. Once your profile is saved, you can log back in at any time to do further work on it and continue to save your work until you are ready to submit it.

3. SUBMISSION & REVIEW: When you are ready to submit your profile, press the SUBMIT link at the bottom of the profile creation page. This will notify our staff that your profile is ready for review. We will do our best to get back to you within seven business days. We will review your information and get back to you shortly with any suggestions for changes  or questions about your profile we may have. Our goal is to help you make your profile as clear and specific as possible. We’re here to help you create a profile that best reflects your intent. 

4. POSTING: Once the staff review is complete, the profile will be posted. You will receive an email when your profile is live on the website. Once your profile is posted live, you will then have access to the full profiles on the site and the ability to contact others.

More information can be found on our farm seeker and farmland owner resources pages.

What if I need to modify my profile posting?

You can continue to modify the profile once it is posted on the website by logging in to your profile and making the changes you desire.

How long will it take to create a profile?

Depending on how prepared you are, we estimate it will take 15-30 minutes to complete the profile and submit it for publishing. We believe it will generally take farmland owners a little more time because we request that they provide some photos of their land well.

While this may seem like a lot of time, the process is designed to save you time in the long run. An in-depth description and the ability to sort for specific characteristics can help a farm seeker in their search.

Will my profile expire? Can it be renewed?

Farmland seeker profiles expire after one year (and farmland profiles expire after two years) from when they are first posted live on the website. We will send email notifications to you in advance of the expiration. If you would like the posting to be renewed for another year, we are happy to make that happen. You can also have your profile removed from the website by contacting us. Should you find a successful match through this site please let us know! We’ll update the relevant profiles.

Do I need to keep checking back for updates and for news of land connection events?

No. Once you’ve had your profile posted, you will automatically receive the occasional emails we send out to farmers, farmland owners, and other people interested in farmland access in Bowdoinham. This will include info about new postings, educational events, and other topics of interests. If it’s too early for you to post a profile but you still want to be kept in the loop, then sign up for these emails through the prompt in the footer of the webpage. Want to stop receiving them? Just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email, or email us.

What else can I do to improve my odds of finding farmland or a farmer?

We encourage you to check out the resources for farmland owners and for farmland seekers on Land For Good’s website even before you begin talking with farmland owners or farmers. A farmer-landowner arrangement is often a long-term process in which understanding your own goals and values is critical. The more prepared you are for thinking through how exactly that arrangement will work, the more likely that arrangement will be to work over time. 

You may consider creating an additional listing or profile at Maine FarmLink or New England Farmland Finder. To be notified of events hosted by BCDI, sign up for our email newsletter.

Can I talk to someone to get advice?

Of course! We would be happy to meet with you to provide ideas and guidance. BCDI’s farmland linking program is supported by Land For Good. If you’re a farmland owner who would like support in this process please complete this form. If you are a farmland seeker who would like help with your land search please complete this form

What advice do you have for reaching out to a farmland owner or farmer?

The first piece of advice is to take it one step at a time, especially if you haven’t done this before. Through an email exchange, you should be able to get factual questions clarified easily and to share key facts about yourself and what you're looking for. The information you both gather and how you each communicate should help you both figure out if it still seems like it might be a good match. A phone call would then make sense to ask and answer more questions and to perhaps set up the details of an in-person meeting as a next step after that.

The second piece of advice is get a sense of whether the arrangements you're each looking for would make sense and whether, especially in the case of a lease or other ongoing relationship, you feel like each other's personalities and values are a good match. The more ongoing contact you will have with a farmer or farmland owner and the longer that contact will be the more personalities and values will determine whether that arrangement is a success. Don't feel any need to make any decisions or commitments at this first meeting. Make the common goal just to get to know each other more and to better understand each other's goals and potential timeline. If the other person wants to move faster than you do, don't let that influence the timeline you would feel comfortable with. If things do seem promising and a second meeting is arranged, consider having a friend who is experienced in agriculture come with to give you another perspective as well.

If you need assistance in the process, please email us. BCDI’s farmland linking program is supported by Land For Good. Farmland owners can request support by completing this form. Farmland seekers can request assistance by completing this form

Do you have some general advice on the search for farmland or a farmer for one's land?

We have three pieces of advice:

#1: Use lots of strategies for looking for the right land or right farmer. This website should be just one of your efforts. You may also want to list your property on Maine FarmLink or New England Farmland Finder. If you’re a farm seeker you may also want to create a profile on these sites. 

#2: Use contacts and networks of relationships as much as possible in your search. Think about people and/or organizations that are well-connected and let them know of your search. Create a 1-page document that outlines what you’re looking for and share it with fellow farmers, mentors and folks you trust. This will drastically expand your possibilities. Organizations like BCDI may host events and these are great ways of learning and networking.

#3: Give yourself enough time and be persistent. If you know you will need farmland or a farmer in a year or even two, don’t wait to start looking and getting the word out. It takes time to find the right match. It takes more time to work out agreements or financing or other necessary steps. Keep plugging away over time. Keep a journal on your strategies and connections. Don't give up.

Good luck!